Wade's Foreign Auto Parts

Your car isn't foreign to us!

Here at Wade's we strive to find you the least expensive options to fix your car. Even when other parts stores have told you that the parts you need are unavaiable, we go the extra mile to try to find what you need. Our knowledgable staff is always available to answer questions to make sure you get the right part the first time.

Online Store

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We're adding all kinds of old stock for mostly vintage cars to the Ebay store. Click the store tab to check it out. We're starting off hydraulics (wheel cylinders, master cylinders, that sort of thing), and will be moving on to all kinds of parts once we have all of those listed.

We're back online!

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The site is now back online with a whole new look. We've also removed the dedicated online store and replaced it with an Ebay store. The online auction environment is a bit better suited to the kinds of inventory that we're able to put online.